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national Service Scheme (NSS) 2024
national Service Scheme (NSS) 2024

national Service Scheme (NSS) 2024

For students who want to participate in voluntary activities during their college years, the concerned Government of India officials launched the National Service Scheme. The national service program offers a variety of activities to help students develop a variety of traits. Any activity offered by this program is open to the students, who are free to participate. The program has been started to monitor the traits of the kids so they can contribute to humanity and the environment. Students who participate in volunteer work under the national service program are also paid in some way.

Read the article below to learn more about the National Service Scheme (NSS). The National Service Scheme (NSS), which was introduced on September 24, 1969, by Dr. V.K. R.V. Rao, the education minister at the time, is an addition to the activities offered in India’s higher education system with the goal of enabling students to develop their personalities by performing community service while they are studying. The Government of India’s Ministry of Youth Affairs & Sports is responsible for protecting the program.

Under the NSS, students are required to complete 2 years of service in addition to their academics. According to the program, students are required to complete 120 hours of community service annually and take part in at least one unique camp activity. The program aims to provide help to society without bias and to in still in understudies the prospect of receiving social government assistance.

NSS volunteers make it a priority to make sure that everyone who is homeless can receive assistance to improve their way of life and have a dignified life. By doing this, volunteers learn from residents of towns how to lead respectable lives despite a lack of resources. It also aids victims of natural disasters and man-made disasters by providing them with food, clothing, and medical care. The major goal is to create artificial power that will be crucial in solving human problems.



National Service Scheme (NSS)

Launched by

Government of India


Students of India


Providing different types of activities with salary

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  • Understanding the community in which they work is the organization’s key advantage.
  • The organization supports community interactions as well.
  • The organization must also identify the community’s needs and issues and include the community in problem-solving.
  • Additionally, it aids in fostering a feeling of civic and social duty. It aids in applying information to find answers to issues affecting both individuals and communities.
  • It also aids in establishing competence and responsibility sharing.
  • By engaging in voluntary work, the organization will assist individuals in developing their abilities.
  • Additionally, people will be able to develop their leadership skills. Natural calamities will be fought by the participants.


The recipients who participate in the national service program will get the following stipend:

  • A sum of Rs. 250 per volunteer per annum and Rs. 450 per volunteer for each Special Camping Programme (SCP) of seven days each are made available for use in the adopted villages and urban slums, respectively.
  • The NSS Regional Directorates, State NSS Cells, and Empanelled Training Institute (ETI) are all fully funded by the Indian government.

Eligibility criteria

The applicant must reside in India permanently.

The candidate must be enrolled in the following courses: 11th grade; 12th grade; and +2 board level.

Students and graduates from technical institutions in India’s colleges and universities

India’s colleges and universities provide postgraduate degrees.

activities offered



Stage shows or a procession creating awareness of such issues as social problems, education, and cleanliness

Awareness Rallies

Inviting doctors for health camps

Implementation Procedure

India’s nodal authority, which collaborates with NSS units at the state level, is the public level. Individual state governments are responsible for maintaining state-level NSS cells. Every college in a state has a university-level NSS cell, under which establishment-based NSS units (found in schools and universities) operate. Most governments and foundations with official support have volunteer NSS units.

NSS volunteers are encouraged in establishments. Typically, a unit has between 20 and 40 understudies. A representative from the school or schools is in charge of them inside; this representative answers to the regional NSS facilitator. Most organizations don’t have a special uniform for NSS volunteers because they are so exceptional and committed to India’s government aid.

How to Apply

  • By enrolling in any university or college located in India, all students have the opportunity to sign up for the National Service Scheme directly.


  • What is the NSS’s motto?

“NOT ME BUT YOU” are the National Service Scheme’s motto or watchword.

  • What is the NSS’s overarching goal?

Character development of the student through volunteerism.

  • What does the NSS badge’s navy-blue colour symbolise?

The navy-blue colour represents the universe, of which the NSS is a little part, and shows that it is prepared to do its fair contribution to the wellbeing of humanity.

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