MP Lakhpati Behna Yojana 2024: Women Will Get Rs 1 Lakh 20 Thousand Annually

MP Lakhpati Behna Yojana 2024
MP Lakhpati Behna Yojana 2024

MP Lakhpati Behna Yojana 2024:

MP Lakhpati Behna Yojana 2024 many new schemes are being launched one after the other by the Madhya Pradesh government so the peoples of the state can take its benefits and the state can develop fast. MP Lakhpati Behna Yojana are being run by the state government especially for women, in which after “Ladli Lakshmi” and “Ladli Brahmin Yojana”, now Lakhpati Brahmin Yojana has been started by the government. Through this scheme, the government is going to make the women of the state millionaires.

If you also want to take advantage of this scheme, then for this you should first have information about Lakhpati Brahmin Scheme 2024, only after that you will be able to take benefits of this scheme. Therefore, through this article we will tell you what is MP Lakhpati Behan Yojana? The benefits, objectives, eligibility, required documents and complete application process of this scheme will be explained. MP Lakhpati Behna Yojana was announced by former Chief Minister of Madhya Pradesh state Shivraj Singh Chouhan as a gift to the women of the state after getting Tilak applied on the occasion of Bhai Dooj last year.

Under which the government had announced to make women millionaires. Shivraj Singh Chauhan had said that it is my resolve that the income of my sisters should be at least Rs 1 lakh in a year and I will keep doing this. This information was given by the Chief Minister by tweeting on Twitter.


Name of the scheme

MP Lakhpati Behna Yojana 2024

Who started it

Madhya Pradesh Government


women of Madhya Pradesh


To strengthen the economic condition



Eligibility Criteria

  • Only women of Madhya Pradesh state will get the advantage of Lakhpati Behna Yojana.

  • All poor women will be eligible to gain the benefits of this scheme.

  • Married, widowed, divorced and abandoned sisters are eligible to apply for this scheme.

About Yojana

  • The Lakhpati Bahana scheme 2024 launched by the Madhya Pradesh government, in this scheme the government will ensure that women earn an income of Rs10,000 every month i.e. 1 lakh 20 thousand rupees annually. For which the government will take the help of self-help groups.


  • The main objective of MP Lakhpati Behna Yojana 2024 by the Madhya Pradesh state government is to strengthen and increase the economic condition of the women of the state and make them self-reliant. By gain advantage of this scheme, women will be able to earn their own income so that they will not have to depend on others to run their family nor will they have to lend a helping hand to anyone. Through this scheme all women will become self-reliant and empowered.


  • Through this scheme of state government, women will earn Rs10000 every month i.e. Rs120000 annually.

  • The benefits of this scheme will be give by the government to the poor women of the state.

  • The women of the state whose names have been left out in Ladli Brahmin Yojana will also be added in this scheme.

  • By taking benefits of this scheme, women of the state will be able to fulfil their minor needs and become self-reliant.

Required Documents

  • Aadhar card

  • Address proof

  • Birth certificate

  • bank account passbook

  • mobile number

  • passport size photo

How to Apply

  • To apply online, applicants will have the eligibility to fill the “Required Information Form for Application” in advance. The said forms will be available in the camp/gram panchayat/ward office/Anganwadi centre.

  • The entry of the filled form will be done online by the designated camp in-charge in the camp/ward/gram panchayat/ward office and will be successfully completed.

  • The beneficiary will also receive this acknowledgment via SMS/WhatsApp. Anganwadi workers will coo-prate in the said process.

  • The full process of filling the application form will be free of cost.

  • It will be important for the applicant woman herself to be present at the above-mentioned places so that her live photo can be taken and e-KYC can be done.

  • The photo of the woman will be taken during the entry of the application form. After the entry of the application form, the online application number received will be recorded in the acknowledgment and will be given to the applicant.

  • For this, it will be important for the woman to bring the following information: Complete ID and documents of the family.

  • Own complete ID document, Own Aadhar Card


  • How much money Madhya Pradesh government give under Lakhpati Bahana Scheme 2024?

Madhya Pradesh government give Rs10,000 every month i.e. Rs1 lakh 20 thousand rupees annually.

  • What is the mode of Applying for Lakhpati Bahana Scheme 2024?

The mode of Applying is Offline.

  • What is the main objective of Lakhpati Bahana Scheme 2024?

strengthen the economic condition of the women of the state.

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