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New Delhi: In India, coconut was and remains an ancient and household ingredient. Coconut hair oil is nothing less than a super ingredient that has been used in beauty regimens for decades. From hair growth to hair repair, it has many benefits.

Dr. Aparna Santanam to discuss what makes coconut a staple in every household.

Give us one major benefit of coconut hair oils that consumers may not know about?

One of the biggest benefits of coconut hair oil is its ability to protect hair from damage due to both external sources such as rain, sun and pollution as well as damage caused by heat and chemical procedures. This effect is possible because hair oil containing coconut can penetrate deeper into the hair shaft – covering the hair strand from the inside like an invisible umbrella. Therefore, even when shampooing, the oil continues to protect the hair from the inside and prevents internal damage caused by various factors and keeps the hair healthy, shiny and perfect looking.

What is the biggest myth about coconut hair oil that you want to get rid of?

A lot of my patients tell me that “My hair is greasy, so I don’t need coconut hair oil.” this is not true. Natural pomade or oil is very different from coconut hair oil which improves scalp health due to its anti-inflammatory effect and protects the strand by covering it and making it easier to shampoo by pre-conditioning. So those who have oily hair should also use hair oils that contain coconut.

What makes coconut based hair oils different from other hair oils on the market?

Hair oil that contains coconut has the ability to penetrate deeper and nourish and moisturize the hair to ensure that it maintains its healthy, soft condition. Hair oil containing coconut nourishes and maintains the pH balance of the scalp. The breakout product, lauric acid, has anti-fungal and anti-inflammatory properties that help the scalp stay healthy. Coconut hair oil is also compatible with all chemical procedures and treatments related to hair which keeps the hair well moisturized and nourished even after washing.

In the post-COVID era, what are some tips for a healthy beauty regimen?

Never has the old adage “less is better, less is better” has been more true than it has been in the post-COVID era. We have also pushed us in the direction of searching for effective treatments for both beauty and wellness. Ingredients that are proven to be beneficial for health like ginger and turmeric and good products for hair like hair oil containing coconut and aloe vera for skin are all important for maintaining the beauty of our skin and hair and boosting immunity. It is also important that we eat a diet rich in antioxidants, sleep well and ensure that we have good strategies for dealing with stress.

Give us one DIY hack with coconut hair oil that will change your hair game?

A DIY mask to completely nourish your hair leaving it soft, shiny, healthy and bouncy.


* 2 tablespoons coconut-based hair oil

* Methi seeds, mustard seeds, curry leaves, ½ teaspoon each, soak in coconut based hair oil for 1 hour and then filter the oil

* 1 tablespoon honey

* 1 tablespoon of apple cider vinegar


* Mix coconut and honey hair oil together on the stove until melted, blended well and warm.

* Transfer to a bowl and stir in apple cider vinegar.

Apply the mask in sections using the brush.

* Pull the hair into a loose plate or bun and leave it for 20 minutes.

* Wash with normal shampoo and warm water

* Air dry naturally and spray a little coconut hair oil on the ends to keep them well nourished and shiny.


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